Flavour Moja

Stori Yetu

Flavour Moja was born in 2016 between 2 friends while still in university. Seeing as USIU-A has a multinational student body, one of the main complaints from foreign students when they were exploring local cuisine is that they said that “Kenyan food is boring” and anything that wasn’t was from the coastal region i.e bhajia, pilau, biryani e.t.c


Logo Design

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Product Branding


I week

Stori Yetu

This was a problem because we realised that even we Kenyans don’t really know and haven’t developed our own foods to something that we’d enjoy ourselves.
So firstly, as Flavour Moja, we set out to primarily educate our local audience about authentically Kenyan flavours from all regions that we’d enjoy and be proud of. Secondly, develop products/services that represent these flavours for the international palate.

The brief

The brief required us to create a logo and ultimately the brands voice. Heres what we came up with