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At Lumen digital we take your product awareness to the next level by creating interactive content packaged as eye catching videos. We are aware of the of the consumers hunger for interactive and informative content and its significance for market presence and brand awareness and this is why we strive to come up with content that is appealing, engaging and that’s easily understood by your Target audience.


Nothing Grabs attention like an image in motion, and with the ever-increasing usage of digital screen devices, this is the best time to use Motion Graphics as point of interest (POI) with your customers.

The convergence of technologies that allow integration and access to videos and animations on websites and social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In and even tweeter, which is where we will find most of our Target audience has created sort of a golden era for advertising using Motion graphics and animations and it’s in your best interest as a business professional to take advantage of these new and ever-expanding markets .

2D animation, Animated Text, Gifs, Corporate Videos, Character animation, 3D works and motion graphics, Digital Videos can take many forms, Here at Lumen Digital we can approach a project using a single style or even a combined approach, the end justifies the means.

What’s interesting about Motion Graphics is that it’s budget can be adjusted to meet a particular brief from a typography-based animation to a complex master piece. Our services are accessible to brands big and small

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Integrating Branded Video Content

Regardless of where you want to expose your video, our integrated approach to Motion has got you covered. Our Motion Designers work Hand in hand with Art directors and web developers to come up with solutions for Out of home, Digital marketing and TV Commercials for ATL marketing.